Friday, May 15, 2009

A Gift of New Life - Newborn Baby Robins

I have been lucky before finding a nest of newborn robins. This is the first time I have been able to observe them on a daily basis.

The nest was placed in a flower pot on the patio.

I noticed the nest after two eggs had already been hatched. The other eggs hatched a day apart from each other.

The Parents were very protective of their newborn, but they allowed me to take photos.

It took 14 days from the first photo to the day the nest was empty.

On 05-05 the little ones had their mouths open, waiting for someone to bring them a little something to eat.

On 05-06 it was raining quite hard, but the little ones did not seem to mind.

As the days progressed they grew and filled out.

On 05-11 the nest seem to become too small for all four of them. They were becoming more mature and they were getting ready to leave the nest.

Later on 05-13 the oldest robin decided it was time to become more independent and left the nest.

On 05-14 all the baby robins were out of the nest and on their own.

On 05-14 the newborn was being fed on the ledge of the patio.

Happy Mother's Day!!